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Portugal has the tenth lowest salary in the European Union

Average annual gross salary in Portugal is 19,300 euros per year and in the EU it is 33,500 euros

Portugal has the tenth lowest annual salary among the 27 member states of the European Union (EU), according to information released Monday by Eurostat.

The new data, for 2021, show that citizens working full time in the EU have an average salary, still without discounts, of 33.5 thousand euros per year. In Portugal, the average annual gross salary is 19,300 euros.

In comparison to the Portuguese, workers in neighboring Spain earn an average salary of around 28,200 euros, again according to data from the EU statistics agency. Luxembourg is the country among the 27 where salaries are highest, reaching an average of 72,000 euros per year.

Denmark (63,000 euros) and Ireland (50,000 euros) are also on the podium. The lowest average annual salary is registered in Bulgaria (10,4 thousand euros), but Hungary (12,6 thousand euros) and Romania (13 thousand euros) do not have much higher values. In addition to these three countries, Latvia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece and Poland also pay less than in Portugal.


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