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Project: Jorge Sampaio Pedagogical Way

Innovative project developed by the students of the 3rd cycle of the School Irmãos Passos

The "Via Pedagógica Jorge Sampaio", developed by the students of the 3rd cycle of the Escola Básica Irmãos Passos, was presented this Friday, May 12, at the headquarters of the institution.

The Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, the vice-president of the municipality, Carlos Mouta, and the town councillor for Education, António Correia Pinto, were present at the presentation session of this innovative project that will link the Irmãos Passos Elementary School to the Custóias Elementary School, through a blue line painted along the public walkway that connects the two schools.

An idea that arose from a challenge launched in the subject of Citizenship, which has matured into the project "Via Pedagógica" (Pedagogical Way), the name given due to the intention of this being a way of teaching from the classroom to the street. A Via marked with a blue line along the aforementioned public promenade, with the inclusion of various signage, to appeal to good environmental practices. In key points, there are also information boards about the material and immaterial patrimony of the Parish.

The attribution of the name Jorge Sampaio to this Pedagogical Way came after research and the discovery that Jorge Sampaio had characteristics that went along with what was defended by the school Irmãos Passos, therefore it made all the sense to pay this public tribute to him.

It was up to the students of the 8th and 9th years of this school year to develop the planned activities, as well as the task of presenting the final project. It is a pedestrian exploration circuit that promotes the students' knowledge of the history and heritage of the municipality. A kind of pedestrian itinerary that aims to develop the students' knowledge about the region's history.

The initiative also included the participation of historian Joel Cleto with a talk on the Passos Brothers.


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