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São João Hospital will have a Center for Science and Innovation

The São João Hospital has announced that it will have a Science and Innovation Center, "installed in a building built from scratch, where clinical trials with innovative medicines will be centralized in an outpatient environment"

According to the press release, this structure is expected to be completed in the second half of 2023. The Science and Innovation Center will optimize the logistical conditions for conducting clinical trials, making the hospital even more competitive in Europe to attract new clinical trials.

The clinical director of São João, Maria João Baptista, says that the hospital currently has 95 active clinical trials. "It is possible, with pragmatism and commitment, to double these numbers, with excellent health gains for patients, but also for the institution and the country. The time is right to move forward, with the generous and unstinting support of the project's Patrons," he adds.

The future Science and Innovation Center, budgeted at more than 200 thousand Euros, will be built through the sponsorship of Maria Fernanda Amorim's Super Bock and the Fuste Group, as well as the support of the TELLES law firm.

Refer that clinical trials "are the means of transposing the result of the most advanced research allowing the testing of new ways to treat or prevent diseases, both frequent and rare.


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