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Sea Life changes statue to raise awareness of gender equality

Aiming to raise awareness about gender equality, Sea Life Porto is changing one of its underwater spaces, from Kingdom of Neptune to Kingdom of Salatia.

According to the press release, "what until now visitors knew as the Kingdom of Neptune, where sharks, turtles and other species swim, will now be called the Kingdom of Salatia, the Roman Goddess of the Seas. For this, the figure of Neptune will give way to the representation of this Goddess, which can be visited starting next week.

The director of Sea Life Porto, Rui Ferreira, quoted in the document, stresses that "the well-known statue, which was the image" of the aquarium in Porto "for so many years, was in need of maintenance and we wanted to take advantage" of the celebration of the International Day of Women's Equality, on August 26, "to honor women and the fight they have always fought.

"We are aware that, besides an entertainment role, we also have an important educational role with all those who visit us, especially the younger ones. Therefore, we wanted to celebrate this date with a symbolic, but significant, renovation of one of our aquariums," he added.

The note notes that this is not "a temporary action, but rather a transition and renewal of the image" of Sea Life Porto.


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