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Sea Life exhibit warns about garbage in the ocean

It is through a ball of string, with about 17 kilometers and 1.3 tons of cables and ropes collected from beaches, that Sea Life Porto alerts to the problem of garbage that, daily, continues to be left on the beaches and the effects it causes on the environment.

"aCORDA Portugal" is the motto of the installation, which can be visited until November 18, at the aquarium in Porto, after having been patent in the capital.

"The ball of string is the result of the commitment of about 200 people from north to south of the country, who collected cables and ropes from beaches for more than 250 hours," says the Sea Life, about the initiative of the Association Oceans Without Plastics.

Quoted in the note released the general director, Rui Ferreira, points out that the aquarium in Porto continues to focus "to raise awareness of visitors to the importance of keeping the beaches clean, especially the younger ones, so that they grow up with the awareness that it is extremely urgent to act in favor of the environment.

Note that about eight million tons of plastics end up in the ocean every year, and it was with this in mind that the aCORDA Portugal initiative was born. The main objective is to alert people to the "devastating impact of waste on the environment".


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