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Second Session Save the Language of Camões

Staged reading "Thebes of a Thousand Doors", by Jorge Palinhos

Photo: Francisco Magalhães

The second session of the 19th edition of Salvé a Língua de Camões was presented at MuMMa - Museu da Memória de Matosinhos, last Friday, February 24th.

"Thebes of a thousand doors" was the staged reading, a play by Portuguese playwright Jorge Palinhos.

William Gavião gave voice and body to a dramatic exercise in a special session that counted with the online participation of the playwright, making known, in a brief conversation with the public, the context of the creation of this text.

"Thebes of a thousand doors", a tribute to Brecht's famous poem, Questions from a literate worker, is a polyphonic monologue of a man, in which the character is confronted with life itself, which is becoming increasingly distant and rarefied, like the dust he has breathed throughout his life and which will soon swallow him up.

The diffusion of dramaturgies in Portuguese language through staged readings of texts by renowned or emerging authors from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Guinea and Mozambique, is the goal of "Save the Language of Camões" dramaturgy cycle that aims to rethink the democratization spaces of the theater. Different from a show, the staged reading works on the popular aspect and roots of theater, as well as on the scenic renovation, where the audience space/acting space is not distinguished.

The next session of Salvé a Língua de Camões will take place on March 31, at the Quinta de Santiago Museum, at 9:30 pm, and will have as its theme "O Cheiro dos Velhos" by Caplan Neves (Cape Verde).


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