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Seized 2.487kg of undersized anchovies in Matosinhos

The GNR Coastal Control Unit seized on Wednesday, February 1st, 2,487 kilos of undersized anchovies at the Matosinhos fish market, announced this Thursday, February 2nd, the GNR

As part of a surveillance action aimed at monitoring compliance with the rules for unloading, transport, marketing and first sale of fresh fish, the military detected seven vats with 2,487 kilos of anchovy inside, he said in a statement.

The presumed market value of the fish is around 14,922 euros, he said.

After police investigations, the GNR added, an administrative offence notice was drawn up, with a fine of up to 37,500 euros.

The seized fish, after being submitted to sanitary control, was donated to various charities in the northern region, he said.

"GNR warns that a sustainable fish management measure is to respect the minimum catch measures, whose goal is to improve the potential profitability of the resource," he stressed.


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