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Showcooking with chef David Jesus

Saturday, 10:30 am, Matosinhos Market – Registration open

Over the last few months, the Municipal Markets of Matosinhos have been transformed into kitchen laboratories. Once a month, the aromas of fish, vegetables and fruits have given way to the spicy flavors that renowned chefs have presented us - always from the stand to the plate.

In July, we take a break from this showcooking cycle, with a last trip, on July 16, at 10:30 am, at Mercado de Matosinhos, directed by Chef David Jesus. At 26 years of age, there are already great adventures in national and international cuisines. Leça was the place chosen to open a restaurant signed by him, the already renowned Seiva, with plant-based cuisine.

Ready to demystify veganism as an incomplete, tasteless diet? Sign up here:

This workshop is free, in person, limited to 2 registrations per person and a total of 15 participants. Subject to confirmation.

Even so, all showcookings are broadcast live on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of Mercados Municipais de Matosinhos.

This initiative is organized by the Municipality of Matosinhos, produced by Workshops Pop Up and is part of a project developed as part of a community initiative promoted by PDR2020 and co-financed by EAFRD, within the scope of Portugal 2020.


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