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Social Design Week

The School of Arts and Design (ESAD) promotes the Social Design Week, an event that aims to use design as a tool to fight inequality and boost sustainable, environmental, economic and social development, through creative economy

The Social Design Week, organized in the scope of the Post-Graduation in Design for Social Impact, intends to reflect on the impact of design in communities, through a programme of conferences, with free admission, and a workshop dedicated to the theme Social Design - Surf in Matosinhos.

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson and Giulio Vinaccia, designers for the United Nations, will present two conferences and guide the workshop with the aim of developing a multidisciplinary project, in response to the proposal of the Matosinhos City Council to extend the practice of surfing, with the implementation of new schools, urban equipment and services, making this sport accessible to all. The workshop will involve students from all of ESAD's training areas: product, fashion, interiors, multimedia and communication.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Design for Social Impact aims to foster collaboration, transformation and regeneration for a new generation of entrepreneurs with sustainable business models, with important contributions to regions and communities.



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14 - 18.11.2022

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson, Giulio Vinaccia

Social Design - Surf in Matosinhos

In response to a proposal by Matosinhos municipality for the extension of surf practice, the participants of this workshop will design urban furniture, beach support equipment, cloakroom projects, promotional videos, graphic elements for the identification of schools, beaches and services that allow a wider access to the practice of surf in the beaches of Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira and Cabo do Mundo.


[free entrance, auditorium ESAD]


15.11.2022, 16:00

Design. Responsive Innovation and Social Development

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson uses a multidisciplinary approach in branding, experience design and business development. He is currently design director at Design Group Italia, an international multidisciplinary design studio that builds the future through research, designing solutions to trigger meaningful change for people and businesses.


17.11.2022, 10:00

Design for Social Impact

Giulio Vinaccia, Italian design ambassador, recipient of the World Green Design Award and the Compasso d'Oro, is one of the most respected experts in social design oriented projects. He is a senior consultant for UNIDO and other UN agencies and national governments. Since 2014, he has been the art director of the Creative Mediterranean project, founded by the EU and the Italian government to help develop the creative industries in Middle Eastern countries.


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