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Spillage of 1,000 litres of latex closed street in Matosinhos

An accident while unloading a container carrying about 1,000 litres of latex in liquid form caused, this Tuesday, a spillage of the product on Rua Antero de Quental, in Perafita, Matosinhos

It all happened at the time of unloading a container arriving at one of the industrial pavilions located on Rua Antero de Quental in Perafita, Matosinhos. A forklift, in the manoeuvre of removing a container carrying about one thousand litres of latex in liquid form, perforated the tank, causing a spillage of the product on the public highway.

According to the commander of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Matosinhos/Leça, António Amaral, the accident occurred around 1pm this Tuesday, with access to the street cut off since that time. On arrival, the corporation proceeded to work to contain the product, as well as blocking the gutters to avoid the risk of contamination of the network of rainwater.

"It's not a dangerous material, as we're outdoors and the day, as it's rainy, has diluted the product. If it solidified, it could create a plastic film. Only in the next few days will we realize if there are traces", added António Amaral.

The cleaning services hired by the company responsible for the spill are completing the work of removing the product, and the reopening of the artery is expected to take place around 8pm on Tuesday. The spill will have occupied about 200 metres of road, painting the pavement white.

In addition to the firefighters of Matosinhos/Leça, teams from the Nature and Environment Protection Service of GNR, Municipal Police and other technicians from the Matosinhos City Council are also on site.

Credits: JN


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