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Stoppage at the Port of Leixões ends after agreement with APDL

The truck stoppage at the accesses to the Leixões Port in Matosinhos is over, after the road carriers met on February 23rd with the Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castelo (APDL) and reached an agreement. The interruption had been going on since Wednesday, February 22

Author: Amin Chaar, Amin Chaar | Credits: Amin Chaar / Global Imagens

Paulo Paiva, spokesman and legal advisor for the group, confirmed to JN that "the strike was called off after 20 hours after a meeting with APDL, which remained collaborative in negotiations with the platform that demanded operability to the Port of Leixões.

The freight companies managed to get a monetary compensation approved, retroactive to January 16th. "Two compensation values were agreed upon. All waiting periods beyond two hours and up to three hours receive a value that, in turn, increases after three hours," said Paulo Paiva.

The amounts were defined in the meeting, yet were not publicly advanced, added Paulo Paiva, who assured that the workers felt compensated.

About 100 trucks were stopped near the accesses of the Internal Link Road to the Port of Leixões (VILPL) in the last two days, in protest against what they considered to be the inoperability of the port that forced them, until now, to "wait five to six hours to pick up or unload goods, when the reference time is 55 minutes.

Given the desire of those who make the operations, the APDL assumed the commitment to guarantee continuous operation, without breaks for lunch and dinner.

"The same meeting will take place again on March 20th to take stock of what was decided yesterday and to define the implementation of continuous work," said Paulo Paiva.


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