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Stopper to stopper sow the crop

Matosinhos, Lipor and Quercus launch awareness campaign for the collection of cork stoppers

The Matosinhos City Council, Lipor and Quercus have started the project Cork Stoppers Sow the Harvest.

This project aims to promote the door-to-door selective collection of cork stoppers in non-residential clients (restaurants, cafés, hotels, etc.) of the municipality.

In the first days of the awareness campaign more than 20 clients have already joined the project. The project is developed in partnership with Quercus, BA Vidro, Amorim, Extruplás, and aims to encourage cork recycling, contributing to reforestation in Portugal, since for every 50 cork stoppers collected, a native tree will be planted.

The creation of this new cork stopper collection channel as part of Green Cork (a project created in 2008 by Quercus in partnership with Corticeira Amorim and Continente, which has already enabled the collection of around 98 million stoppers) will enable cork stoppers to be sent for recycling.

This project aims to promote cork recycling, contribute to reforestation in Portugal and enable participating establishments and their customers to contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from cork stoppers and to the development of the circular economy.


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