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Study for metrobus in Matosinhos almost ready

A fast connection will be 3.2 kilometers long between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Maia, and Petrogal land, in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos, "in the west direction

It will be completed between late February and early March the study for the metrobus connection between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, Maia, and the land of the Leça da Palmeira refinery in Matosinhos. To the JN, the deputy mayor, Carlos Mouta, says that the channel dedicated to hydrogen-powered buses or 100% electric will have a length of 3.2 kilometers. The road infrastructure investment will be around 20 million euros, using funds from the Fund for a Just Transition. The vehicles can cost between 500 thousand euros and one million euros. Although the money has already been allocated to Matosinhos, "it hasn't been transferred yet".

Carlos Mouta admits the eventual need to expropriate land to "fit this mode of mobility", something that is also being worked on as part of the study that is still underway. In addition to the channel dedicated to buses, the road will have lanes for cars and may have a bicycle lane.

"We will present [the project] publicly when it is completed," notes the mayor, adding that the goal is to create an interface between the airport metro, in Maia, and the metrobus system that will be created up to the Petrogal land, "in the western direction.


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