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Teachers' demonstration in Porto ends strikes by district but Stop continues

The strikes by district ended yesterday, February 8th, with a demonstration in Porto, day in which the strike called by another union also ends, remaining only that of the All Education Professionals Union (Stop)

The strike by districts started on January 16 ends today, with a demonstration in Avenida dos Aliados that should bring together "thousands of educators and teachers throughout the district", according to the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof), which is part of the platform of eight trade union organizations responsible for the strike.

It also ends the strike to the first period of classes promoted by the Independent Union of Teachers and Educators (SIPE), which began at the beginning of the second period of classes.

Despite the end in sight of these two strikes, the strike started in December by Stop will continue.

A new arbitration board has already defined minimum services for the strikes until February 24th, with the presence of employees and teachers guaranteed.

The minimum services decreed so far define that schools must ensure support for students with special educational needs, but also for those at risk of dropping out of school as well as those at risk and who have been flagged by the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People (CPCJ).

The arbitral college again defined that schools will have to be open safely and guarantee meals for students.


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