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The word of the year 2022 is already known

The Portuguese elected "war" as the word of the year 2022

The word was chosen with the "highest percentage ever" (53%), Porto Editora announced this Thursday, stressing that the elected word refers to the "invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which started the biggest military conflict in Europe since World War II.

"Inflation" and "urgencies" were the second and third most voted words, respectively, with 18.8% and 6.6% of the votes. Next were the words "queen", chosen in an allusion to the death of Elizabeth II of England, "energy", "drought", "abuse", "cyber-attack", "nuclear" and "interest".

The list of the ten chosen words was voted on "online" during the month of December and represents the "more than 7,000 suggestions received in and of the main words searched throughout the year in the Portuguese Language Dictionary".

Recall that last year “vacina” was voted the Word of the Year in Portugal, having been preceded by “saudade” (2020), “violência doméstica (2019), “enfermeiro” (2018), “incêndios” (2017), “geringonça” (2016), “refugiado” (2015), “corrupção” (2014), “bombeiro” (2013), “entroikado” (2012), “austeridade” (2011), “vuvuzela” (2010) e “esmiuçar” (2009).


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