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Tree Felling at Jardim Basílio Teles

Restrictions in the zone during operation.

Six trees, located in Jardim Basílio Teles, show strong and irreversible signs of weakness, both in terms of phytosanitary and biomechanical, and, as such, represent a high risk to the safety of those who frequent that area and the existing property there.

This was revealed by the monitoring that the services of the municipality regularly perform to the municipal grove.

The Matosinhos City Hall will, therefore, proceed to cut down the six trees. Soon, the Basílio Teles Garden will be the target of requalification works, in which new trees will be planted.

The felling operation will take place on August 23 and 24, between 08h30 and 17h00. As such, there will be restrictions on the use of some facilities in the area, including the playground and cafeteria.

The Câmara de Matosinhos thanks everyone for their understanding and cooperation.


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