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Via Norte companies ask the Government to reactivate the Leixões Line

Several companies located on the Via Norte, a section that crosses the municipalities of Porto, Maia and Matosinhos, have sent an open letter to the Minister of Infrastructures asking for the reactivation of the Leixões Line, also enhancing connections to the metro network

In a letter to which Lusa had access today sent to the Minister of Infrastructures, João Galamba, the representatives of the companies located on that stretch of National Road 13 (EN13), including the more than 100 in the Lionesa Business Hub, ask for "an action plan for the reactivation of passenger transport on the Leixões railway line".

"The implementation of a regular passenger transport system on the Leixões Line is a topic of great importance for this group of companies" that, they say, operate in an area that "continues to be one of the most dynamic in the country, employing more than 15,000 people".

According to the companies, the dynamism of the area "is currently supported by infrastructures that connect the Port of Leixões [in Matosinhos] to the Contumil Railway Station [in Porto]," but which operate only for goods.

Arguing with both the accessibility and environmental issues, the companies point to the "reduction of CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions caused by the high circulation of automobiles used for daily commuting."

"This investment proposal takes into account sustainability concerns, both environmental and economic, by being able to be realized for less than a quarter of the cost of an equivalent subway line," say the companies.

The letter, besides being signed by the Lionesa CEO, was also signed by representatives of CIN, Makro, Efacec, Pemel, Famotor, Petibol, Schmitt ELevadores, Super Bock Group, Sonae, AJ Pinto e Silva and AJ Pinto II -- Distribution, AJP Transports and H. Portugal - Technical Products, Garantia das Quintas and Infesta - Technical Services.

For the companies, "it is urgent to adapt the existing infrastructures, which allow to start a line in Campanhã, passing 200 meters from the Hospital of São João, covering the entire urban and industrial cord of Matosinhos, crossing the axis of the Via Norte".

"This intersection of Via Norte will allow the articulation with lines B and C of the Porto Metro, culminating in a central infrastructure for the entire Northwest Peninsula," they point out.

The companies also point out that the opening of this route "opens up the possibility, given the geographical proximity, of establishing a connection with the metro line that serves Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport".

"We believe that this investment will also contribute to the reduction of pressure on other public transportation in Greater Porto, as well as promote the competitiveness of public transport, expand connectivity between adjacent municipalities and increase complementarity between the light and heavy rail system, "they say in the open letter.

The companies thus ask for the minister's intervention "to develop and implement an integrated, non-polluting, multimodal mobility solution, capable of interconnecting the various poles that cover the region's municipalities.

The open letter was also sent with the knowledge of the mayors of Porto, Maia and Matosinhos, to the president of the Metropolitan Council of Porto and the Portuguese Business Association (AEP).


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