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“What if…” with António Raminhos

Conversation about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) under the Actively-Compulsive Program

On Wednesday, July 20th, comedian António Raminhos was talking about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Mental Health, within the scope of the Ativa’mente Program of the Matosinhos City Council.

More than a show, it was a space for sharing where people listened to Raminhos' adventures and had the opportunity to tell their own stories, on a night that sold out the theater of the Aurora da Liberdade Recreation Association and in which the Vice-President of City Council, Carlos Mouta, the President of the Union of Parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Paulo Carvalho, the President of the Union of Parishes of S. Mamede Infesta and Senhora da hora, Leonardo Fernandes and the President of Aurora da Liberdade, César Gavina .

In a light and fun tone, the audience realized that, often, the best medicine can be to have a few laughs to uncomplicate the stigma related to mental health disorders.

Until the end of this year, the Matosinhos City Council is developing the “Ativa'mente” program, which aims to increase mental health literacy, reduce the stigma associated with mental health and promote the adoption of mental health styles. of healthy life.

The Health Profile of Matosinhos and the Municipal Health Plan of Matosinhos (2019-2021), developed in partnership with the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos (ULSM), determined mental health as a priority area of ​​intervention, pointing to prevention as a main action strategy.

Throughout this year, under the “Ativa'mente” program, each month is dedicated to a theme, such as sleep, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, burn-out, schizophrenia and healthy lifestyles. .

Among the various initiatives planned, we highlight the holding of workshops, outdoor activities, mutual help/support groups and webinars.

At the same time, there is a communication campaign, on various platforms (physical and digital), with mobilizing and informative messages.


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