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Workshop on sustainable coastal cities

Matosinhos present in the Cycle “Blue Economy 2022: Challenges and Opportunities for Portugal”

The role of coastal cities in promoting a sustainable Blue Economy was discussed at CeiiA, in Matosinhos, in a workshop that was attended by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, and the Councilor for Economic Development, Marta Pontes.

Matosinhos hosts one of the five workshops of the cycle “Blue Economy 2022: Challenges and Opportunities for Portugal”. Organized by BBVA and CoLAB+ Atlantic, this event aims to promote dialogue between various actors in the Portuguese maritime economy – companies, academia and governments – to leverage their development based on sustainability and innovation.

Ocean Renewable Energies, Decarbonization, Digitization and Blue Circularity, the Sea and Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Coastal Cities and Challenges of the Integrated Blue Economy are the highlights.

The cycle will result in a manifesto with recommendations and specific actions to support the growth of the Blue Economy in Portugal. This document will be presented at the Ocean Conference that the United Nations will promote in Portugal, in June. The city of Matosinhos will host, on June 25, the special event “Localizing Action for the Ocean: Local and Regional Governments”, which is an opportunity for local and regional governments to share their experiences and best practices in meeting the Goals. of Sustainable Development, and present their projects and commitments regarding the protection of the oceans.

With regard to combating climate change and reducing the risk of catastrophes, Luísa Salgueiro addressed the work of identifying, monitoring and evaluating the risks that affect the territory, such as coastal overtopping and urban flooding, by the Civil Protection in conjunction with with other municipal services, and the definition of the most vulnerable points, the population exposed to these risks and the evacuation plans.

As part of the United Nations campaign “Building Resilient Cities 2030”, the municipality of Matosinhos applied for the “Resilience Hubs” project, committing to act in the face of the risks of catastrophes and climate change.

Luísa Salgueiro also spoke about BluAct, a program to support the growth of the economy of the sea, which is now in its second edition, and which seeks innovative business ideas, especially intensive in knowledge and technology, and with a significant impact on the Economy of the Sea.


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