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World Real Estate Event Finished

Aftermath of the world's largest real estate event held in Cannes, with the presence of the Greater Porto stand

MIPIM'2023, the world's largest real estate event, is coming to an end.

Between March 14 and 17, the most influential players of this sector internationally were gathered in Cannes allowing participants access to a large number of projects and sources of capital.

The national real estate was well represented in this edition of MIPIM with the Greater Porto to mark its presence with the Greater Porto stand, which brings together exhibitors from Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos, in a synergistic cooperation project between the territories with the aim of promoting and attracting investment to the region.

In addition to a fair-show of what is most relevant in the real estate sector, MIPIM also bet on a vast cycle of conferences and various initiatives, as a way to encourage networking among investors, financial institutions and the municipalities represented.

On the 16th, the town councillor for Economic Development, Commerce and Tourism of Matosinhos' Council, Marta Pontes, participated in the conference "Building Territories of the Future", along with Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, António Castro, administrator of Gaiurb, Begoña Villacís Sánchez, town councillor of Madrid and Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga.

Porto, Matosinhos, Gaia, Madrid and Malaga explored here potential synergies to respond to the different challenges inherent to the development of cities and their populations.

This was followed by the round table discussion "Collaborative Cities: Designing, implementing and sustaining strategic partnerships" which brought together representatives from four innovative companies that, in partnership with the public sector, have contributed to the development of cities.

Greater Porto has attracted talent, startups and international companies with diverse business models. Companies such as Lionesa, Revito, Chave Nova and Retail Mind joined this round table to reinforce that developed cities understand the dynamics of collaboration between sectors and companies as a fundamental and unavoidable principle.


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