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Young people combat dating violence

Applications are open to organize youth volunteering actions "Dating with fair play"

The Portuguese Institute for Sports and Youth (IPDJ) opened yesterday, February 14, applications for entities wishing to organize projects under the youth volunteering action "Dating with fair play" whose purpose is to prevent dating violence, through peer communication.

This action will take place between March 6th and November 15th.

Dating with fair play" includes projects implemented by private non-profit entities, namely youth associations.

Since five years ago, the youth volunteering action "Dating with fair play" has involved more than 500 young volunteers in 356 actions.

The objectives of "Dating with Fair Play" are to:

  • Promote the realization of the right to equality and social inclusion of all young people, fighting social exclusion from all forms of inequality and discrimination;

  • Prevent youth victimization and violence based on gender inequalities;

  • Combat dating violence;

  • Sensitize young people to gender equality as an integral part of Human Rights;

  • Sensitize young people to issues related to gender identity;

  • Eliminate gender stereotypes by promoting a culture of non-violence;

  • Promote participatory citizenship.

The intervention areas are:

  • dating violence;

  • gender equality and human rights;

  • gender stereotypes;

  • sexual orientation and gender discrimination.

According to data from the National Study in a University Context of the Association Plan i for Equality and Inclusion, presented in 2022, 53.1% of those who answered the questionnaire said they had already been subject to at least one act of violence, specifically 53.2% of women and 53.6% of men. According to the data, 32.4% of the participants have already committed at least one act of dating violence, specifically 32.2% of women and 34.6% of men.

Applications for the volunteer action "Dating with fair play" are made here.


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