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Young Portuguese are the ones who leave their parents' house later

Data from the Statistical Office of the European Union for the past year

The Member States where young people left home later were Portugal (33.6 years), followed by Croatia (33.3 years), Slovakia (30.9 years), Greece (30.7 years) and Bulgaria (30.3 years).

On the other hand, Sweden (19 years), Finland (21.2 years), Denmark (21.3 years) and Estonia (22.7 years) had the lowest average ages, all under 23 years, says Eurostat.

In 2021, in the EU as a whole, young people will leave their parents' home on average at 26.5 years old.

Eurostat, quoted by the news agency, states that "in most northern and western countries, young people left their parents' home on average in their early to mid-20s, while in southern and eastern countries, the average age was in their late 20s or early 30s.

Analyzing by gender, on average in the EU, men left the parental home at 27.4 years and women at 25.5 years, a trend that, according to the statistical office, was observed in all countries, so that young women left the household earlier on average.

Eurostat also specifies that men left their parental home on average after the age of 30 in 11 EU countries (Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Spain, Romania and Poland). For women this is the case in two countries, Portugal and Croatia.


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