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1. Notícias Matosinhos defends freedom of expression and freedom to inform, as well as repudiates any form of censorship or pressure. Notícias Matosinhos is an independent newspaper of all powers, manifesting this spirit of independence also in relation to its own advertisers.

2. Notícias Matosinhos believes it should be an instrument through which the citizens of the municipality of Matosinhos can, in freedom and pluralism, seek the clarification they need to exercise their options.

3. Without prejudice to the pluralism of opinion and giving voice to all currents, Notícias Matosinhos does not renounce its capacity for criticism and will defend Democracy and the fundamental freedoms of citizens, encouraging their participation in solving community problems.

4. Notícias Matosinhos will promote the Portuguese language and the Municipality's historical heritage.

5. Notícias Matosinhos has and will keep in mind the limits imposed by journalists' ethics, professional ethics and the Press Law.

6. Notícias Matosinhos knows that it is essential to distinguish between the news - which should be, as much as possible, objective, limited to the narration, relationship and analysis of the facts for which the various parties must be heard - and the opinions which must be signed by those who defend them, clearly identifiable and published in terms of pluralism. Notícias Matosinhos can take a position through editorials, signed or not, that link the newspaper's position.

7. Notícias Matosinhos also knows that the selection of material to be published, its pagination, title or illustration, must obey criteria based on the effective importance of each text and not on the ideological convictions or particular interests of those who write them, choose or page.

8. Notícias Matosinhos recognizes that, in exceptional cases, there are news that deserved to be published because their dissemination would eventually be harmful to the interests of the Municipality or the Country. The newspaper reserves the right to define, on a case-by-case basis, the application of this criterion.

9. Notícias Matosinhos knows that the insistent publication of certain subjects - from crime and sex to the baseness of political and economic life - could increase the sale of copies, but it refuses to feed any type of sensationalism that endangers journalism quality you want to do.

10. Notícias Matosinhos gives absolute priority to coherence in order to become a reference, regardless of who ascends and who descends from power.

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