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757 Families helped by MatosinhosHabit through the Municipal Rental Support Program

The Matosinhos municipal company has just included 29 more families in the program, with a monthly expenditure of 3,310.00€

Conceived in 2009, the Municipal Rental Support Program of MatosinhosHabit aims to provide financial support to residents who show difficulty in paying their private leases.

In February 2023, 29 new families benefiting from this Program were integrated and will receive an average monthly amount of 114.13€ to cover the rent of their homes.

Manuela Álvares, President of the Board of Directors of MatosinhosHabit, explains that "there are currently 757 families benefiting from this support, with a total of more than 80 thousand euros invested monthly by the Municipality of Matosinhos. During 2023 we expect to reach a record investment of approximately 1.3 million euros in this program". Manuela Álvares also clarifies: "I say 'investment' because that's precisely what we do with these families. With this support, they can channel their financial efforts to other purposes that may open up opportunities for their social and economic-financial integration".

The rental of housing for permanent residence for families in a situation of economic vulnerability is supported with subsidies calculated according to the monthly income of the household, and can go up to € 150.00 per month.


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