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78-year-old woman hit by bus is in serious condition

A 78-year-old woman was taken in a serious condition to S. João Hospital in Porto after being hit by a bus in Matosinhos

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According to the source of the Voluntary Fire Department of S. Mamede de Infesta, the elderly woman was "conscious and cooperative" at the time of entry in the ER.

The exit of a car from a garage on Rua Henrique Bravo, in front of the church of S. Mamede de Infesta, in Matosinhos, scared a 78-year-old woman who was circulating on the pavement. The elderly woman became unbalanced with fright and fell on the road, being collided by a bus, by 10 o'clock this Wednesday.

According to Paulo Cavaleiro, of the fire service of S. Mamede de Infesta, the woman survived the hit but was transported to hospital in serious condition. When she entered the ER, he adds, she was "conscious and cooperative". Concerns about her recovery are focused on the reconstruction of the right leg, hit by the crash.

In addition to the corporation of S. Mamede de Infesta, the Medical Vehicle for Emergency and Resuscitation (VMER) of the Hospital Pedro Hispano was also providing assistance. That artery was cut by the PSP of Matosinhos.


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