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95-year-old man dies run over by train in Matosinhos

A 95-year-old man died run over by a freight train, early Wednesday afternoon, on the Leixões line, in S. Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos, near Rua 5 de Outubro

Font: JN

The victim is João Teixeira, who lived near the site and crossed the line daily to go to the café. The accident occurred at 14.46 hours, when the man was returning home.

Speaking to JN, Nuno Martins, who lives near the site and witnessed the accident, having called the rescue services, revealed that the elderly had hearing and mobility problems, moving very slowly, with the help of a Canadian.

In addition, he said that the light signal indicating the approach of a train was not working. To the JN, the IP (Infraestruturas de Portugal), assured, however, that there was no anomaly in the signal.

João Teixeira's neighbours were constantly warning him of the danger of crossing the train line, given that it was moving rather slowly. However, the victim guaranteed that he always followed the signal light in order to do it safely.


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