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Access to free medication

Almost 500 people have benefited from the Abem program.

1 in 10 Portuguese cannot buy the medicines prescribed to them because they don't have the money to pay for them.

To reverse this reality, the Dignitude Association launched the program Abem: Medication Solidarity Network, supported by "Portugal Inovação Social", through European Union funds.

The goal is to ensure access to medicines in outpatient clinics for any citizen in Portugal who is in a situation of economic deprivation that makes it impossible for him/her to purchase the reimbursed medicines prescribed by prescription.

This support is intended to help control the illness of the most vulnerable citizens, curb comorbidities, and alleviate the tight budgets of many families.

The program, national in scope, is developed locally, based on a network of collaboration between various public and private entities.

The Matosinhos City Hall joined the Medicine Solidarity Network in 2016. Since then, 496 people have benefited from this response. Currently, 417 benefit from this support.

The people covered by the Abem program are referred through the Integrated Care Network.

The eligible capitation for the program was increased from €100.00 to €130.00, in response to the consequences of the pandemic by COVID-19, the impacts of social isolation and the decrease in people's income, particularly of the most needy population, having been guaranteed an immediate response to the social emergency.


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