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Applications open for Young Volunteers for Nature and Forests

The Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth opened yesterday, April 10, the applications for entities promoting youth volunteering for the 6th edition of the programme "Youth Volunteering for Nature and Forests"

For this year, the programme received an increase of 1.5 million euros and has the support of IPDJ and the Environmental and Civil Protection Fund. In previous editions, 1 400 projects were supported, executed by more than 800 entities and accounting for about 10 000 participations of young volunteers.

Private non-profit organisations, municipalities and public and private educational establishments may apply to the programme.

The programme is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 30 who are interested in taking part in voluntary activities in protected areas, natural parks, nature reserves, among other areas of ecological interest. Volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of good environmental practices and the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage, acquiring new personal and professional skills.

The State recognizes the social value of volunteering as an expression of the free exercise of an active citizenship and solidarity, so the IPDJ legitimizes volunteering as a fundamental space for the acquisition of knowledge, therefore certifying the voluntary activities and allowing that this acquisition of knowledge can be identified by society as an added value for personal and curricular enrichment of young people.


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