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Arte Fora de Sítio

Circus arts, music, theatre, dance, graffiti and beatbox are some of the proposals in this edition

The 16th edition of Arte Fora de Sítio returns this weekend. Promoted by the Matosinhos City Hall for 15 years, Arte Fora de Sítio will return to the place where it was held for the first time, embracing its origins and, simultaneously, contributing to the dynamization of Brito Capelo Street, in a "stampede" format, where associations will present a small exhibition of their work.

The initiative, born within the former Youth Consultancy Council, will take place next Saturday afternoon, 15th October, between 14:00 and 19:30, starting next to Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos, running along Brito Capelo Street and ending at Guilherme Pinto Square, where a concert will take place to close this edition.

Throughout the day there will also be performances of circus arts, classical music, theatre, tuna, hip-hop, dance, graffiti, poetry, beatbox and gymnastics.

Remember that Art Outside the Venue is an initiative carried out in partnership with associations and institutions of the municipality, which allows to show the public several artistic manifestations, de-contextualizing them from conventional formats and spaces. The project encompasses several artistic strands and intends to break stereotypes and prejudices regarding the different possibilities of presenting and making art, in form, place and objectives.

Every year the public is presented, in an unexpected and interactive way, with many ways of presenting art, the spaces are filled with nonconformism, where at each step there is something surprising and unexpected.

For more information, check out the Instagram and Facebook page (@matosinhosjovem) or send email to


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