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At ten springs, Primavera Sound grows towards sustainability

"Porto is the best host in the world". Alfonso Lanza, director of Primavera Sound Barcelona, came to Porto to present the tenth edition of what many already consider one of the best festivals in the world

With music scheduled for June 7, 8, 9 and 10, Primavera Sound Porto takes on the mission to grow, in various fields, towards sustainability.

At Casa do Roseiral, the mayor of Porto welcomed "spring and spring number ten". "We are looking forward to it," shared Rui Moreira, with the certainty that "Porto is very well prepared to receive these festivals."

And the City Park continues to offer the best conditions for an event that, in the last edition, attracted about one hundred thousand people. "It is a jewel that we have and we have to have challenges that suit it," considers the mayor.

With the will that Primavera Sound Porto is always better, the Porto City Hall should increase the support to the festival and the Executive will propose the allocation of 650 thousand euros, sure that, underlines Rui Moreira, "the impact in the economy is three times the festival budget".

In the last edition, and according to a study conducted by ISAG - European Business School and the Research Center for Business Science and Tourism of the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation, the Primavera Sound had an economic impact of 36.1 million euros in the city.

Preserving the Park and keeping the DNA of the challenges

The director of what was the first internationalization of the Catalan festival chose the word "growth" to characterize the edition number ten. Growth in the number of days - from three to four - in the number of performances (76 artists), in the budget, which amounts to 13 million euros, and in the area occupied (five to six more hectares).

José Barreiro underlined the importance of "the expansion works of the City Park", which allowed to reach "a new model that will allow us to grow in a sustainable way in the next years". In fact, the sustainability was a commitment assumed between the Primavera Sound organization and the Porto City Hall, always with the preservation of the Park assured.

For the festival director, "it is a pleasure to have a city hall that understands and identifies with our DNA," which, José Barreiro believes, is "the DNA of new challenges, new proposals," but also of a sustainable growth, without "growing all at once. For this edition, Primavera Sound estimates that it can receive up to 45 thousand people daily.

Porto, Primavera, City Park, parity

For his part, the Barcelona festival director assured that "we know well which was the first city to bet on Primavera Sound". "The success was not by chance," believes Alfonso Lanza, in reference to "the proximity of the City Hall of Porto, which understands so well the needs of the festival.

This year, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalía, Pet Shop Boys, Blur, Halsey, or New Order will perform at Parque da Cidade, in what the Catalan responsible considers "the most ambitious poster in ten years of history", but also "an egalitarian poster", a mission that the organization has been seeking since 2019.

Alfonso Lanza also added that "we couldn't be happier" with the place that hosts the festival, considering Parque da Cidade "one of the best venues in the world to host a festival".

Reinforcing that "Porto is the best host in the world", the Catalan festival director assumed that "Primavera Sound is also Porto's ambassador to the world". "We are here to stay", assured Alfonso Lanza.


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