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ATEC organizes Business Fair in Matosinhos (2023)

The 5th edition of ATEC's Entrepreneurial Fair will take place on March 29th and 30th between 10:30am and 8:00pm

Successful case with the trainees and participating companies, the ATEC Business Fair has six editions in Palmela and five in Matosinhos. It returns this year with the aim of strengthening the link between ATEC students and the labor market, thus leveraging their professional integration. As in previous editions, the Entrepreneurial Fair has exhibition spaces, presentation sessions and award ceremonies. This year the conference is under the theme "Tutoring".

The Academy's facilities in Palmela and Matosinhos will be the stage for another edition of the ATEC Business Fair. Taking place simultaneously in both locations, on March 29th and 30th, the event brings together dozens of companies from the most varied sectors of activity, promoting the presentation of curricular internship and/or professional career opportunities and starting recruitment processes in a dynamic and close way to future professionals.

On the other hand, it is also an excellent opportunity for ATEC trainees to establish closer contact with some of the main companies in the activity sectors corresponding to their training area, providing a more complete knowledge of the sector, the labor market and the recruitment processes of each entity.

"We are frankly satisfied with the success of the Entrepreneurial Fair and with the adhesion of the companies. In the 2022 editions we had more than 80 companies participating in the two fairs combined. Our main goal is to build a link between our trainees and the labor market, thus enhancing their professional integration", says Pedro Miguel Oliveira, ATEC's training director.

In addition to the presence with their own stand in the exhibition space, companies promote presentation sessions that work as a highly advantageous networking space for both sides - on the one hand, they allow employers to have direct contact with different trainee profiles and, on the other hand, they allow trainees to acquire knowledge about the labor market needs, to get to know internship and job opportunities in loco.

In Palmela and Matosinhos the Business Fair has about 100 exhibitors and is also open to visitors from the outside. More information at

Agenda ATEC Business Fair


10h30 | Institutional Opening of the Entrepreneurial Fair

10h45 | Beginning of the Presentation Sessions

15h00 | Conference "Tutoring Quality

16h00 | ATEC Awards Ceremony

20h00 | Closing Ceremony


10h30 | Institutional Opening of the Entrepreneurial Fair

10h45 | Beginning of the presentation sessions

20h00 | Closing


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