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Autumn Cultural 2022

"Uma família nas ruas de Leça da Palmeira"

Presentation of the book by José Maria Cameira

José Maria Cameira's second book "Uma Família nas ruas de Leça da Palmeira" will be presented next Friday, November 18, at 21h30 at Clube de Leça.

"A Family in the streets of Leça da Palmeira" owes its existence to a lecture that took place on November 11, 2016, at the Clube de Leça, which aimed to explain the relationships between some of the names of the people who feature in the toponymy of Leça da Palmeira.

At the end of the session, José Maria Cameira was approached by the painter and Leça friend, António Mendes, who encouraged him to publish the text in a book, with his drawings about the people portrayed here.

José Maria Cameira will now present, in November 2022, the result of this "adventure", through the streets of Leça da Palmeira.

About the author

José Maria Cameira, the youngest of 12 brothers, was born on October 31st 1960, in a house at Rua Direita, Leça da Palmeira, where he lived for 42 years until he got married in October 2022, moving to live "emigrated" to Oporto, but always having Leça da Palmeira in his thoughts and heart.

He is since 1989, professional journalist, having written while a student at the School of Journalism, in the mid 1980's, for the weekly newspapers "O Comércio de Leixões" and "Jornal de Notícias de Gaia" and worked professionally in the newspapers "O Liberal", "Vida Económica", "O Comércio do Porto", "Jornal de Matosinhos" and "Matosinhos Hoje". He returned to "Jornal de Matosinhos" where he is still a journalist.

After the publication of "Marcelo Caetano e António de Spínola", the "Frustrated" Federation, edited some years ago also by the editor Jorge Castelo Branco this "Uma Família nas Ruas de Leça da Palmeira", is his second book.


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