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BioDanza – Kids & Grownups

Junta de Freguesia promotes free trial class in Leça da Palmeira

Next March 25th, Saturday, at 10am, the Junta de Freguesia promotes an open class of BioDanza - Kids & Kids.

In the "Kids & Kids" activity, adults and children find a space for leisure and affective learning. Well-being is essential for a healthy and balanced life. It is with imagination and creativity that we strengthen the affective bonds between generations.

Joy is widely stimulated so that participants can take it with them and improve the quality of their daily lives.

The Activity develops in a group of exercises, where music and movements with meaning and intention are present.


  • Improvement of relationships;

  • Improvement of self-esteem;

  • Strengthening of the immune system;

  • Greater capacity for expression and communication;

  • Improved coordination, flexibility and elasticity, quality of life, among others.

This class will take place in the building of the Parish Council, in Leça da Palmeira.


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