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Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking© 2022

BUSINESS: Matosinhos rises in the ranking

The business category was the one in which Matosinhos stood out the most

Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking© also assesses the performance and attractiveness of the brand in the 308 Portuguese municipalities in the Tourism (Visitar) and Talent (Viver) categories.

Review here the National positions obtained by the municipality of Matosinhos in the general ranking and for each dimension, since the first edition of Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking©, as well as the variation from year to year.

TOP 25 - Business

With a stable podium led by Lisbon, Porto and Cascais, it is from the 4th position that we start to see some variations in the Top 25 Businesses of this edition of the Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking©, compared to the 2021 edition.

Braga climbs 2 places in the table and is now 4th, repeating the place achieved in 2015 in this dimension and achieving the distinction of Marca Estrela in this edition in the ranking of businesses in which the top 5 is closed by Coimbra. Leiria achieves its best result ever in Negócios with a climb of 3 positions to 6th place, as does Funchal, which achieves the second consecutive rise and is now in 7th position. Next comes Sintra, with a drop of one position, and Aveiro, which manages to match the outstanding position in the Businesses achieved in 2016. The Top 10 is closed by Faro, which, even going down 2 positions, does not lose relevance among the best brand performances in the Businesses. .

Guimarães and Setúbal occupy the following positions, with Vila Nova de Gaia in 13th place, leading to one of the biggest declines in this dimension, largely due to the slight variations in the last year. Mafra, Matosinhos and Oeiras manage to mark this edition with rises in position, Maia maintains the 17th place, followed by Viseu. Torres Vedras climbs 3 positions and equals the result of 2015, with the Top 20 being closed by Viana do Castelo, which for the first time since 2014 could not be among the 20 municipalities with the best performance in this category.

In Business, it is also important to highlight the rises in Évora and Barcelos, the big break in Almada, which, like Vila Nova de Gaia, was not able to maintain the pace of rise shown in past editions. Portimão reaches the best position ever in this ranking, which manages to be for the 2nd time in the National Top 25 of Business, which in this edition is closed by Albufeira.

TOP 25 - Business

Bloom Consulting

Created in 2003, Bloom Consulting is a consultancy specializing in the development of brand strategies for Countries, Regions and Cities. Headquartered in Madrid, it has offices in Lisbon and São Paulo and London.

In addition to having case studies on 5 continents, Bloom Consulting has been collaborating with the OECD and the European Travel Commission, and is also an official “Data Partner” of the World Economic Forum, contributing to the preparation of its global competitiveness index.

Portugal City Brand Ranking©: a study based on “hard data”:

Since 2014, Bloom Consulting has annually launched the Portugal City Brand Ranking© using a proprietary algorithm, tested and used in Bloom Consulting studies all over the world.

This is a differentiated study, since it does not have any qualitative or opinion variable, focusing exclusively on “hard data”, reliable data that classify the performance of the brands of the 308 Portuguese municipalities in a tangible and realistic way.

This algorithm is composed of three base variables. In the first variable, all statistical data that measure performance in the economic, social and tourist areas are analyzed, considering data from official sources such as INE or Pordata.

The second variable consists of the analysis of all online searches carried out around the world, in the main search engines, through the Digital Demand - D2© tool, helping to understand the proactive demand existing by all Portuguese municipalities.

Finally, the third variable consists of the performance of the municipalities' communication channels, namely on their official websites and pages on social networks. In this way, in a concrete and rigorous way, it is possible to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the various municipalities in attracting investors, tourists and new residents.


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