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Book of "Recipes and Health Advice for Cancer Patients"

As of this Friday, April 7th, the book "Health Tips and Recipes for Cancer Patients", launched by Pingo Doce, in partnership with CUF, last February, is available for free, in digital format

The initiative comes after the success of the "first printed edition" of the book, which sold out in Pingo Doce shops, and within the scope of the celebration of World Health Day and the second anniversary of the "Health Feeds" programme.

The publication in question, it should be remembered, was launched with the objective of "supporting patients, their families and carers" in the management, through food, of the "main symptoms associated to the different stages of cancer and respective treatments".

"It is because we recognise the added value that this book represents for all those who need it and who can benefit from the knowledge that Pingo Doce has accumulated over more than 40 years as a food specialist, that we are now making the online version available for free, two months after the launch of the physical format. We share it with the hope that it may make a positive difference in the lives of cancer patients, their families and caregivers", highlights Maria João Coelho, Marketing Director of Pingo Doce.

According to Ana Allen Lima, marketing director at CUF, "promoting health and quality of life for cancer patients is not only about providing high quality health services, it is also important to promote health literacy in society". "Taking knowledge and experience to more people is part of the purpose that CUF assumed four decades ago. Being alongside patients, their families and caregivers is and will be a priority for CUF, accompanying them in responding to the challenges they go through during the oncological disease process," she adds, quoted in the note released.

It is recalled that “Receitas e Conselhos de Saúde para Doentes Oncológicos” compiles 100 recipes based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, organised according to the top ten symptoms and food issues facing cancer patients undergoing treatment.

The book is now available at digital format. Those interested in acquiring a physical copy can do so in over 300 Pingo Doce shops.


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