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Casa da Arquitectura and Turismo de Portugal launch Tourism and Architecture Project

Casa da Arquitectura (CA) and Turismo de Portugal have joined forces to create a programme of visits that will be a reference in the field of tourism dedicated to contemporary architecture

This programme is based on the principle that national architecture is a tool and a privileged expression to promote Portugal both for the Portuguese public and for international tourism.

This partnership represents, in a country that has two Pritzker Prizes, what contemporary Portuguese architecture has in terms of tourist potential. The proposed programme crosses the national territory from end to end involving the islands of Madeira and the Azores. It is a first step in a work that will be developed continuously in the future.

The programme is divided into two programmatic axes:


Guided visits to selected buildings in seven regions of Portugal, accompanied by specialist monitors prepared by the Casa da Arquitectura team.

The inaugural programme of these guided tours revolves around the theme Masters of Portuguese Architecture, a selection of four routes - Oporto's Legacy; Northern Heritage; Lisbon in Continuity; Lisbon, Monumental Riverside - which marks the beginning of a set in continuous development that can be sold in conjunction with tourism promoters operating in the national and international market.


Free and autonomous visits, à la carte, supported by an interactive map with 50 works accompanied by key information about the selected projects.

This partnership between Turismo de Portugal and Casa da Arquitectura "allows to value architecture as an asset of the country, ensuring a better dissemination to the national and international public in a clear mission of public service", highlights Nuno Sampaio, executive director of CA. "As of today, the contents prepared by CA's Education Service and the monitors trained by the institution will allow the general public to visit architecture and also the tourism sector to enjoy contents that help show it to everyone, in an effort to democratise access to architecture," he adds.

The relevance of Architecture as an element of promotion of the country inside and outside is also pointed out by the Chairman of Turismo de Portugal. According to Luís Araújo, "architecture is a unique and revealing element of identity, authenticity and recognition of a country as a tourist destination. The countless examples of quality architecture that exist in our country, their innovation and, often, association with the tourist offer, allow us to reinforce our goal of having tourism throughout the territory and throughout the year, reinforcing the mission to contribute to the sustainability of the destination and the sector."


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