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Causes of flooding in Porto should be revealed in February

Three weeks after the tragic January 7th, when downtown Oporto was completely flooded, the population should be about to get to know the "first version" of the study ordered by Metro do Porto to the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC)

Photo: SIC Notícias

The information was shared this Monday, January 30, by the president of Metro do Porto, Tiago Braga, in the context of the conference of the metrobus project, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), whose construction work is scheduled to start this Tuesday.

"Within two to three weeks a first version of the LNEC study should be known," he told reporters, stressing that at that time he will return to the subject in question.

Remember that the flood in Porto caused several losses to local businesses and affected, directly and indirectly, the residents of the street. Given the good work done by municipal workers, the Porto City Council recognized them for their "high competence, extraordinary professionalism, sense of duty and spirit of mutual help", which allowed Porto to quickly return to normality after the floods.


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