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Christmas, a thousand waters? The saying is not so, but it could be. Here are the predictions

On Christmas weekend, temperatures will remain above average for this time of year

After two weeks of rain and some episodes of floods that caused damage, particularly in the Lisbon region and in the district of Portalegre, many Portuguese are getting ready to travel to their relatives' homes to spend the Christmas season. Although it is easing up, the rain will not let up during the festive days.

Christmas is coming and brings with it a cold frontal surface with swells, which will cause periods of rain "sometimes strong and persistent north of the mountain system Montejunto-Estrela, especially on the coast, being less frequent in the south. According to the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), between day 24 (Saturday) and day 26 (Monday), the wind will also intensify, "becoming moderate from the south quadrant, sometimes strong and with gusts on the west coast and highlands.

As for temperatures, they will remain above average for this time of year, and no significant changes are expected in the coming days.

The maximum temperatures will range between 10 and 19 ° C and minimum temperatures between 6 and 15 ° C, with the highest values on the coast and the lowest in the interior north and center.

In general, "the sea disturbance on the west coast will be northwest with 3 to 3.5 meters north of Cabo Raso and 2 to 3 meters south of the said cape changing to west waves from day 24. On the south coast the waves will be southwest with 1 meter, increasing to 2 meters on day 25," indicates a statement from IPMA on the weather for the continent in the Christmas week.

Until Friday, the weather in mainland Portugal "will be influenced by an anticyclone located between mainland Portugal and Madeira and the presence of a hot and humid air mass" that will lead to periods of light rain, more frequent on the coast north of Cabo Mondego.

For the rest of this week, it is also expected the formation, especially in the south and interior north and center, of fog or mist at night, which gradually dissipates during the morning.


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