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Congress Aqua Exercise

The congress took place this weekend in the three municipalities of the Atlantic Front

The Dr. Paulo Sarmento Amphitheater, at the Portuguese Institute for Sports and Youth (IPDJ), hosted the opening session of another edition of the Congress Aqua Exercise.

In the presence of participants from all over the world, Francisco Estêvão, founder of Portugal Aquatraining, opened the session reinforcing the effort that the Atlantic Front, composed of Matosinhos, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, has made in training and leisure sports and, specifically, in aquatic sports.

Vitor Dias, Regional Director of IPDJ, as host, reinforced the successful partnership that this entity intends to maintain in the promotion of quality and sports betting on the population.

Catarina Araújo, Councillor for Sport of Porto City Hall, representing the Atlantic Front, recalled the commitment to training, qualification and continuous effort of joint work between all municipalities, especially the excellent performance of the various technical professionals involved in this area.

The "Congress Aqua Exercise" took place this weekend, in the three municipalities of the Atlantic Front.

The opening session was attended by Vasco Pinho, Councillor for Sports of the Municipality of Matosinhos, Henrique Calisto, Executive Director of Matosinhos Sport among other guests from the various municipalities present and promoters of the event.


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