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Conserveira Pinhais launches Special Edition dedicated to "Europe in My Region" initiative

Under the motto "Taste is our North", a student from Godinho Basic School, in Matosinhos, won the drawing competition that gave new colour to the thematic cans

Pinhais, a centenary cannery in Matosinhos, launched a special edition of canned food dedicated to the initiative "Europe in my region" in which, along with Mercado do Bolhão, was elected one of the projects to represent the region. Under the motto "Taste is our North", the cannery launched a drawing contest aimed at around 100 students from Matosinhos, which aimed to create the label for this edition, the winning illustration having been awarded to a student from the Escola Básica do Godinho. Limited to 50 cans, the units are on sale at the Museu-Vivo "Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour" and at Pinhais' online shop, for 5,40 euros each.

This special edition of Pinhais is the result of Pinhais' challenge to students from different schools from Matosinhos, during visits to the Living Museum, to create a figurative illustration for the commemorative edition of Pinhais canned food, dedicated to the action "Europe in my region". Evaluated by a jury from the region, the winning idea was recently announced at a closing lunch of the action that aimed, throughout a month of activities, to make the traditions and culture of the northern region known. Later, and already in the beginning of 2023, Pinhais will prepare an exhibition to show the whole community the drawings of the almost 100 students that demonstrated all their creativity serving the legacy of the canning industry.

According to Patrícia Sousa, marketing director of Pinhais "The launch of this special edition allusive to the initiative "Europe in my region", which derives from the drawing contest launched to the students of our region, allows us to reinforce the connection with the community, especially with schools, thus perpetuating our role in the educational service, by letting the younger ones know the traditions of Matosinhos".

She also adds that "it is our focus to continue to invest in special editions with the objective of highlighting all those who make our art possible and who have accompanied our work for several generations.

It should be noted that "Europe in my region" was a joint communication initiative that showed the action of the European Union to regions all over Europe. After Madeira, the North was the second Portuguese region to participate in the initiative having two projects been selected, one from Pinhais, in Matosinhos, and the other from Mercado do Bolhão, in Porto.


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