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Corrente Azul

More than a thousand students create a human cord between Matosinhos and Angeiras

Matosinhos was one of the municipalities that joined the “Current of the Ocean”, an initiative of the educational project of the Ministry of Economy and Sea “Escola Azul”.

Students, teachers and school assistants from all over the county came together to create a human cordon between the beaches of Matosinhos and Angeiras.

Present were the Mayor, Luísa Salgueiro, and the Councilor for the Environment, Manuela Álvares.

This initiative, which marks the Blue School Day, involved the 321 Blue Schools in the country and aimed to demonstrate that younger generations are united and mobilized for the need to protect the Ocean.

Escola Azul involves schools that work on themes related to the sea in an Ocean Literacy community that brings together teachers, students, municipalities and partner entities. Through initiatives such as the “Ocean Current”, Escola Azul intends to take Ocean issues out of classrooms, encouraging young people to take an active and participatory citizenship stance.

It is recalled that, this year, Portugal will host the United Nations Ocean Conference in June.


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