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Cultural Visit to Mumma - Matosinhos Memory Museum

In April, we revisited the history of Matosinhos. The destination of this month's Cultural Visit was Mumma - Matosinhos Memory Museum

Photos: União das Freguesias Custóias, Leça do Balio e Guifões

This space, in the Palacete do Visconde de Trevões, teaches us about the origins and evolution of the municipality through various memory records, including archaeological finds, photographs, videos, legends and stories. The architectural richness of the building is complemented by the variety and modernity of its resources, among which the virtual reality time travel and the interactive model of the municipality stand out. Due emphasis was given to the historical importance of the parishes of this Union, namely the Castro de Guifões, the Monastery of Leça do Balio and the Bridge of Goimil, the secular importance of the River Leça, the Ways of Santiago, the Lord of Matosinhos and many other records of collective memory.


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