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Curiosities and new species at Porto's largest aquarium

Between January 21st and March 19th, you can discover "all the truths and curiosities about sharks", with Sharklife, the new event available at SEA LIFE Porto

With him also comes the Black Tip shark, the aquarium's new resident, "from the group's captive breeding program, focused on endangered species.

On every day of the event, it will be possible to "attend lectures about sharks and test your knowledge through a quiz about them. The opening day will also be marked by a Pirate of the 7 Seas who will do balloon art and face painting for the little ones. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, visitors will be able to observe sharks feeding by diving, at 2:30pm. On weekends, it is Sharky's turn, the famous mascot, "to entertain and amuse families.

"In this new event, we want to make everything about the life of sharks known, in a fun and accessible way for all ages. In SEA LIFE Porto, as in the rest of the group, these species are one of our main concerns, because they are the key to a healthy ocean. In order to protect them, we develop breeding, rescue and research programs. This is how our new resident was born, the Black Tip shark, one of the endangered species, which visitors will be able to meet at Sharklife", informs Rui Ferreira, SEA LIFE Porto's director.


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