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Cycle patrols in Matosinhos

Municipal Police closer to the population.

The Matosinhos Municipal Police officers are now equipped with six electric bicycles that will go around several points of the territory, enhancing the citizens' sense of security and crime prevention thanks to greater visibility and mobility.

In a first phase, the cycle patrols will be along the coastline, especially in the most frequented bathing and tourist areas at this time of summer, but also in the Leça Green Corridor.

The presentation of the cycle patrols took place this morning at Varas Park, in Leça do Balio, and was attended by the vice-president of the municipality, Carlos Mouta, the councilman of the Municipal Police, Fernando Rocha, and the administrator of Matosinhos Sport, Henrique Calisto.

The choice of electric bicycles as a means of transportation for the Municipal Police officers is part of the Municipality's effort to combat climate change, starting with the decarbonization of Matosinhos.


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