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Falconeri opens second store in Porto

NorteShopping welcomes brand store specializing in cashmere knitwear, on Floor 1 of the shopping center

At the end of June, Falconeri opened its second store in Porto and its fourth in the north of the country at NorteShopping. Located on the 1st floor of the centre, the 122 m2 store stands out for its diverse color palette and the collection of different knit models and textures.

Falconeri, the brand of the Calzedonia group specializing in natural fibers, presents clothing made from this material and cashmere, for men and women. The collections present both options for practical and everyday looks, as well as more exclusive models for special occasions. The pieces are defined by the timeless nature of luxury, the characteristic quality of Italian craftsmanship and also by the innovative production processes.

“Falconeri is a premium brand that enriches NorteShopping and makes it even more complete and diversified. We maintain our strategy of presenting a quality and increasingly varied offer”, says Paulo Valentim, director of NorteShopping.


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