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Fifth anniversary of the Casa da Arquitetura with over 40 free activities

The Casa da Arquitetura, in Matosinhos, celebrates 5 years starting on Saturday and, for 9 days, will offer exhibitions, activities for families, artistic performances and book launches

The Casa da Arquitetura, in Matosinhos, celebrates five years as of Saturday and, for nine days, offers more than 40 activities among exhibitions, activities for families, artistic performances and book launches, announced the institution.

"This anniversary, which is the 5th, marks perhaps the beginning of a new era [...] of activity of the House, where two [years] were with covid-19, which conditioned all the cultural activity of the country, and which now kicks off with even more glow. We had the launch of the digital building, which allowed Casa da Arquitectura to reposition itself in a different way in the world, fulfilling its mission of showing and allowing access to everything it does and everything it holds within the House archive," said the executive director, Nuno Sampaio, at the press conference to present the programme for the 5th anniversary celebrations.

Casa da Arquitectura celebrates five years since it occupied the facilities in the Quarteirão da Real Vinícola in Matosinhos, assuming its vocation as the Portuguese Centre of Architecture, and celebrates the five years with a week of free cultural programming for all audiences.

"We have prepared a programme that matches the short but intense path we have already travelled as an institution with a programme that will take place, not over a weekend, as we have done until now, but over a whole week, from the 19th to the 27th of November. There are more than 40 totally free activities for all audiences", reads the press pack provided to journalists.

One of the highlights of the program was the inauguration, on November 19th, of the exhibition "Matosinhos Not Built", which reveals several architectural projects thought for Matosinhos and that "never saw the light of day".

The Casa do Artista (2008-2009), by architect Manuel Correia Fernandes, and the project by Eduardo Souto Moura for two housing developments in Matosinhos and Senhora da Hora (1994-1995), composed for 128 dwellings in the form of six continuous bands of courtyard houses, are two of the projects included in the exhibition.

Together with the exhibition "Matosinhos Not Built", a conference by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1996 and who will receive the title of honorary associate of the Casa da Arquitetura, is scheduled for 9:30 pm on Saturday.

On Sunday, at 6pm, Casa da Arquitetura will inaugurate the Luís Ferreira Alves Space, a pioneering photographer of architecture who donated his collection to Casa da Arquitectura in November 2021.

Also scheduled for Sunday, at 16:30, is a ceremony to donate the collections of Fernanda Seixas and Manuel Correia Fernandes, and whose session will be closed by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva.

Another highlight of the programme is the "Flashback Carrilho da Graça" marathon, which will take place on November 26, at 15:00, where for 150 minutes, architects, landscape architects, engineers, designers, historians, critics and curators, who have established a close relationship with João Luís Carrilho da Graça, will take the stage and for three minutes will talk about an event or an unpublished reflection.

A hip-hop performance, a seminar on heritage and city sustainability, the launch of the book "40 days", by Andreia Garcia, guided tours, workshops for children and families with different profiles and themes, or the premiere of the contemporary dance show "Serpente" are some of the dozens of cultural activities planned.


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