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Food Bank of Porto received 300 tons of food

Rice, pasta, milk, canned pulses and crackers were some of the most donated food products

300 tons. This was the amount of food donated to the Food Bank (BA) Against Hunger in Porto in the Food Collection Campaign, which took place on the weekend of 28 and 29 May. The initiative had the support of 3,000 volunteers, who were distributed among the 314 super and hypermarkets in the Porto district and who were also responsible for collecting, sorting and storing donated products at the BA do Porto warehouse, in Perafita. Among the most raised products, we highlight donations of rice (73 tons), pasta (64 tons), milk (63 tons), canned pulses (23 tons) and cookies (17 tons), among other non-perishable food items.

For António Cândido da Silva, president of the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome do Porto, “at this particular moment that the world is going through, and which is directly reflected in the price of food and basic necessities, these numbers show us, without a doubt, that the community maintains the spirit of solidarity and the enormous desire to help others”. And he adds: “On behalf of Banco Alimentar do Porto, I want to thank all those who, once again, responded positively to our appeal and who, through the donation of foodstuffs or support through volunteer work, have allowed us to continue to help those who need it most, especially in this conjuncture, which we unfortunately face”. It is recalled that the Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto supports more than 300 institutions, which, in turn, provide assistance to more than 60 thousand referred people.


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