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Food costs in Portugal reach the highest price in 37 years

The statistics from the National Statistics Institute (INE) are not deceiving. Not since 1985 has there been such an inflated rise in the price of food in Portugal

The data now revealed indicates that essential food and non-alcoholic beverages ended 2022 with an approximate 20% increase over 2021.

The energy sector has also been affected, particularly since the start of the war in Ukraine and with a greater impact on the price of fuel, gas, and other "energy products." These registered an inflation of 21% in one year, which makes the largest increase since 1991, according to the news advanced by Sapo.

The population has felt the repercussions of these increases in their day-to-day lives, with several studies showing a lack of confidence in the future.

On the other hand, the INE report shows that medical services had a reduction of about 15% in values in the previous year, as well as technology, which will have lower prices before 2021.


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