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GNR launches a new operation on the road today

The GNR launched this Monday, January 23, an operation to monitor road transport of passengers, on routes with higher traffic volume, in order to promote increased road safety, it was announced by the Guard

In a statement, the Republican National Guard says that between 23 and 29 January will promote "operation selective surveillance" also to promote the improvement of working conditions and fair competition in the transport sector, throughout the country.

According to GNR, the liberalization of the passenger transport market has led to "an increase in the circulation of vehicles assigned to this activity" which sometimes "leads to irregular practices, jeopardizing road safety.

During the operation, soldiers from the traffic detachments of the Territorial Commands and the National Traffic Unit will be on the road and will focus their enforcement on violations in the field of passenger transport, namely in cabs, in TVDEs, in the transport of children and young people up to 16 years old.

"Fatigue and drowsiness decrease reaction capacity, peripheral vision and lack of concentration when driving and affects especially professional drivers as a result of the high number of daily driving hours, increasing the probability of being actors or victims of road accidents," says the GNR in the note.

The transport of agricultural workers will also be subject to inspection, as well as the regular, occasional and specialized transport of passengers in passenger vehicles and the transport of passengers in vehicles used for tourist entertainment.


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