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Gold Medal in Figure Skating

Ana and Pedro Walgode, winners at the World Games, received at the city hall of Matosinhos

The pair formed by Ana and Pedro Walgode won the Figure Skating – Dance (Couple Dance) competition at the World Games, which took place in Birmingham, in the United States in America, last weekend.

The athletes of the sports association Rolar Matosinhos were, on Saturday, in first place, in the “Style Dance” competition, with 55.22 points. On Sunday, in the “Free Dance” competition, they came in second, with 84.55. In the final overall score, they scored 138.73, ahead of Italy and Colombia.

The Municipality of Matosinhos is proud of the excellent results achieved, once again, by the athletes of Rolar Matosinhos, congratulating itself on their contribution to the internationalization of Matosinhos and the example they set to all Portuguese young people.

This morning, Ana and Pedro Walgode were received by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, as well as the coach Hugo Chapouto and the president of Rolar Matosinhos, Luísa Lopes.

At the reception were the vice-president of the municipality, Carlos Mouta, councilors Manuela Álvares, António Correia Pinto, Marta Pontes and Vasco Pinho, and the administrator of Matosinhos Sport, Henrique Calisto.


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